Other Community Resources

Scottish Community Development Centre

Works across sectors to support community engagement and community capacity building.

Sustrans Scotland

A charity which works with communities to support and promote active travel through walking, wheeling and cycling.

Sustrans Scotland have delivered a number of webinars on Community and Active Travel, focusing on Cost of Living, Climate and Cars. There were sessions aimed at both urban and rural and islands Community Councils, and you can access the slides from these webinars below:

Cost of Living, Community and Active Travel (urban)

Cost of Living, Community and Active Travel (rural and islands)

Climate, Community and Active Travel (urban)

Climate, Community and Active Travel (rural and islands)

Cars, Community and  Active Travel (urban)

Cars, Community and Active Travel (rural and islands)

Community Channel Scotland

Supports local groups and organisations to contribute to a socially and economically sustainable Scotland.

Social Enterprise Fund

Find out about social enterprises operating within your community.

Volunteer Scotland

Supports volunteers across the country. They may help find volunteers.

Scottish Community Alliance

Promotes the work of local people in their communities and influences national policy development.

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

Supports volunteers through advice, training and networking opportunities.

Development Trusts Association Scotland

Development Trusts are operational groups working in their communities to improve the lives of citizens.

Scottish Sentencing Council

The Scottish Sentencing Council is an independent, advisory body which prepares sentencing guidelines for judges. This helps promote consistency in sentencing across Scotland and helps people better understand how judges decide sentences.

The Council delivered a webinar to help Community Councils understand their work and you can access the slides here: Scottish Sentencing Council webinar

Scottish Empty Homes Partnership

The Empty Homes Advice Service, part of the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership, provides telephone and email advice to owners and neighbours of empty homes, as well as investors looking to purchase empty homes. The SEHP has developed a Neighbour Toolkit which provides comprehensive information on the tools and powers available to neighbours of empty homes.

Find out more in the webinar below.