Help and Support

There are many organisations which can provide advice and support for community councils and other voluntary groups. The categories in this Help and Support section contain links to relevant and approachable organisations that may be useful to community councils.

It is important that community councils engage effectively with their community. The Engagement section has links to organisations that have helpful guides, training courses, and other advice on how to encourage community involvement and participation.

Gaining funding can be a great way to get a project rolling and can help you make a real impact in your community. Look at the Funding section to see funding opportunities for community councils and links to organisations that frequently have grants available.

As the most local tier of statutory representation in Scotland, it is important that community councils are aware of the work done by the different governing bodies in Scotland. The Governance section links to governing bodies that community councils should know.

Community councils have the right to be consulted on planning applications and the right to comment on licensing applications. The Planning and Licensing section can help you find organisations that can support and advise you on planning and licensing matters.

There are also Other Community Resources which could be useful to you and your community council. They provide varying services, from being able to put you in contact with Development Trusts and social enterprises in your area, to offering advice and training opportunities.