Democracy Matters

People across Scotland are being asked to suggest ways of increasing local control over decision-making.

In 2018, the Scottish Government launched Democracy Matters, a national conversation about how democracy can best work for our communities. The Scottish Government published a discussion paper in 2021 to prepare for phase two of Democracy Matters, which unfortunately had to be put on hold because of the pandemic.

The second phase of the Democracy Matters national conversation has now been launched and will give people across Scotland the opportunity to come together in their communities to imagine how new and inclusive democratic processes can best help their town, village or neighbourhood.

Community Councils and other groups can help guide local discussions by using the consultation document which covers a variety of themes including powers, representation, accountability and participation. Funding of up to £300 is available to help with the costs of hosting events.

Democracy Matters is part of the wider Local Governance Review, led jointly with COSLA, which is considering how powers and resources should be shared between national and local government and with communities. It will inform future legislation on local governance.

Find out more about the Democracy Matters consultation document and how to access funding to run your own event below.