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Democracy Matters - the story so far

Democracy Matters - the story so far

In 2018, Democracy Matters conversations explored whether far more of these decisions could be made by communities themselves. This is a key and connected part of the wider Local Governance Review which is looking across all of Scotland's vital public services to consider how power and resources should be shared between national and local government.

More than 4,000 people took part in the first phase of Democracy Matters conversations in hundreds of locations. People came together in their communities of place and interest to consider a small number of broad questions:

  • About their experience of getting involved in local decision-making processes.
  • Whether they would like their community to have more control over some decisions, and what these might cover.
  • The different types and sizes of communities that would make most sense when taking decisions about their future.
  • The structures and processes that would allow for power to be exercised by communitiess

The Scottish Government has drawn on these ideas and experiences to describe a vibrant, equal system of local democracy where people understand their rights and actively participate in civic life.

The Scottish Government is now asking people across Scotland to have Democracy Matters conversations in their communities.  Democracy Matters phase two provides another opportunity for as many voices as possible to be heard and help to shape future arrangements. Whether your community is defined by geography, by a shared interest, or by both, this is your chance to join the conversation.

A further stage of deliberation will follow these Democracy Matters conversations. This will involve people being invited to come together in different places to consider future arrangements set out in detail.