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Kindness Packs in the Raploch (Stirling)

Kindness Packs in the Raploch (Stirling)

Raploch Community Council in Stirling have been working closely with local partners to respond to community needs in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Members of the CC have mobilised and are actively volunteering to meet local needs, including delivering a range of ‘keep in touch’ signposting and linking in with the local Third Sector Resilience Group to make sure services reach those most in need.

The CC have also donated funds to local community-led regeneration charity Raploch Community Partnership to contribute to their kindness packs which have been distributed by volunteers to local children and families and which contained a range of basic activities.

Raploch Community Partnership have now secured additional funding to roll this out to other priority areas in Stirling.

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