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Benholm and Johnshaven Community Larder (Aberdeenshire)

Benholm and Johnshaven Community Larder (Aberdeenshire)

Volunteers at Johnshaven Community LarderBenholm and Johnshaven Community Council opened a Community Larder at Johnshaven Village Hall to support people in their community affected physically, financially or emotionally by Covid-19.

In the beginning the larder offered a limited supply of canned and dried food stuffs free of charge to those in need provided by the Fareshare food initiative. They supplemented this with donations and fresh fruit, veg and eggs thanks to funding from Aberdeenshire Council's Community Resilience Fund.

Although primarily supplying food the larder also provides basic toiletries, cleaning products, and nappies. In addition activity packs are available for children and art and craft materials for anyone looking for something to do during lockdown. Organisers are keen to find other ways of reducing the boredom and anxiety that can be experienced when self-isolating for long periods of time.

The community have also been encouraged to make quilt squares to form part of a community quilt on the theme of ‘our wonderful village’ with packs of assorted fabric. Children in the community also have the opportunity to make bunting to be used to decorate the village hall.

Volunteers at Johnshaven Community LarderOpen on a Tuesday morning and Thursday evening the larder has social distancing measures in place. Anyone in the community self-isolating  or unable to attend the larder can get in touch and have items delivered. A team of local volunteers is also available to help residents with anything from picking up prescriptions, posting items, dog-walking, delivering shopping etc.

The Community Council recently announced they have secured further funding to continue the larder for the months ahead from both Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks' Resilient Communities Fund and Foundation Scotland's Community Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund.

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