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Tackle poverty in your community with Boost Small Grants

9 May 2024

Tackle poverty in your community with Boost Small Grants

The Boost Small Grants programme, for local community organisations across Scotland supporting children and families affected by poverty, has been launched for 2024.

The initiative provides grants of £500-£3,000 to constituted groups and charities with an annual income of £50,000 or less. Unconstituted groups, such as Community Councils, can apply for grants of between £250-£1,500.

There is £225,000 available to distribute through approximately 80-120 grants. There is no closing date, but when all funding has been distributed, the programme will close for this year. Approximately 10% of the funding available will be made in grants to unconstituted groups.

This fund aims to:

  • Provide an accessible funding opportunity for small community led organisations.
  • Ensure supportive community led activities are available to children and families.

Boost 2024 is delivered by Corra Foundation and is a partnership between the STV Children’s Appeal, Comic Relief, and Corra Foundation.