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New consultation on changes to Local Development Plans

5 March 2024

New consultation on changes to Local Development Plans

The Scottish Government is looking for views on proposed changes to how Local Development Plans (LDPs) can be amended.

LDPs are prepared by each planning authority. They set out how places will change into the future, including where development should and shouldn’t happen. They show where new homes and workplaces will be built, how services and facilities such as schools and travel will be provided and identify the places and buildings we value and want to protect.

The 2019 Planning (Scotland) Act allows for LDPs to be amended and for regulations to provide more detail about the amendment process. Whilst it will generally be at the discretion of the planning authority, the powers to amend an LDP could be used to address a local policy matter or to address local place-based matters, such as incorporating content from one or more Local Place Plans.

You can respond to the consultation on the Scottish Government website before the 22 May deadline.