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Changes to National Lottery Awards for All fund

22 November 2023

Changes to National Lottery Awards for All fund

The National Lottery Community Fund has doubled the maximum funding available under its Awards for All scheme.

Successful Awards for All applicants can now receive up to £20,000 compared to £10,000 previously and have two years instead of one in which to spend the funding they receive. However, applicants can only be in receipt of one award at a time and must have spent all funding from previous projects before applying for new funding.

For example, if a group was awarded £20,000 over 12 months, they would be eligible to apply again for another £20,000 once the original award has completed. This means that groups could in theory apply for £40,000 as a maximum over two years though there is no guarantee that a second funding bid would be approved.

More than 11,600 National Lottery Awards for All grants were made in the UK last year, totalling £98 million. These were awarded in almost every local authority, with one grant made every ten minutes.

Find out more about the changes to Awards for All and how you can apply for funding on the National Lottery Community Fund website.