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Printed Material

Printed Material

Many people do not have computers or access to the internet, so putting eye-catching flyers onto a noticeboard or an advert in a community newspaper are simple ways of engaging with people who might not see the information otherwise.

Get in touch with your local newspaper or community newsletter and ask if they will mention the next community council meeting or upcoming event in their publications. Creating relationships with the local press can help you get community events and campaigns featured and promoted, which will help spread the word about the great work the community council is doing.

Creating posters or flyers has always been a great way to reach individuals in your community who you may not meet normally. They can be used to provide information on the work your community council is currently doing, signpost to surveys or online information, or to advertise an upcoming event or project in the local area.

Contact local libraries, cafes, shops and other public spaces in your area to ask if they will display your posters. You can also leave piles of flyers for individuals to pick up, deliver them by post or directly in mailboxes, or hand them out to passers-by in the street.

Office programs such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint can be used to create posters, or for more advanced designs applications such as PhotoShop can be used. These are programs that cost money to buy, but there are also free programs such as OpenOffice or GIMP picture editor available online which have most of the same functions.