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Awards for Scotland’s best woodlands

22 February 2023

Awards for Scotland’s best woodlands

Scotland’s Finest Woods Awards have been launched for 2023, with a focus on climate change and sustainable forest management.

This year will see the Climate Change Champion award return as the world looks towards a warming planet and the urgent need to take more action.

Other categories in the Scottish Finest Woods Awards are:

  • Farm Woodland Award
  • New Native Woodland Award
  • Quality Timber Award
  • Community Woodland Awards

There are two categories within the Community Woodlands Awards; Small community woodland group is open to projects such as community woodlands, urban woodlands or other projects that focus on involving communities with their woodland environment, while the Large community woodland group category is open to projects with a larger community woodland group with a turnover of over £20,000.

Scotland’s Finest Woods have also teamed up with Outdoor & Woodland Learning Scotland (OWLS) to offer the Schools and Early Years awards to educational institutions that increase young people’s understanding and appreciation of the environmental, social and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests.

Awards winners last year ranged from a couple who planted 14,000 trees on a rocky peninsula in the Western Isles to a primary school which moved 80% of learning outdoors during the pandemic.

Entries close on 31 March 2023 and you can find out how to apply on the Scottish Finest Woods Awards website.