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Boundary Commission launches UK constituencies consultation

8 November 2022

Boundary Commission launches UK constituencies consultation

The Boundary Commission for Scotland has launched a public consultation on their Revised Proposals for the 2023 Review of UK Parliament constituencies.

For the 2023 Review, Scotland has been allocated 57 constituencies, two fewer than at present.

Two of the 57 constituencies in Scotland (Na h-Eileanan an Iar (the Western Isles) and Orkney and Shetland) are protected in the legislation and will not be subject to change.

Of the 55 mainland constituencies in the Revised Proposals:

  • Twenty constituency boundaries are unchanged
  • Three constituencies have only their name changed
  • 35 constituencies have only their boundaries changed
  • 20 constituencies have both their name and boundaries changed

The consultation will run from 8 November until 5 December 2022. Members of the public and interested parties can view the Revised Proposals and submit comments on the Commission’s consultation site at