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Community councils invited to respond to planning consultation

12 November 2021

Community councils invited to respond to planning consultation

On 10 November, the Scottish Government laid a draft National Planning Framework 4 (Draft NPF4) in the Scottish Parliament. NPF4 will be a long-term plan for Scotland that sets out how their approach to planning and development will help to achieve a net-zero, sustainable Scotland by 2045.

Alongside scrutiny by MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, a public consultation on NPF4 has also been launched.

Once adopted, currently planned for summer 2022, NPF4 will form a part of the national development plan and will also guide local development plans. It will also be important for communities and community councils as they develop their Local Place Plans and will contain a range of national developments which have the potential to impact communities directly.

Community councils may wish to engage with the consultation and the Scottish Government has prepared a range of resources to help them respond. These resources include

- access to online material on NPF4, including regional issues

- details of the 18 proposed national developments

- details of a community grant scheme to support communities to enable their own discussions

These and a number of other resources, can be found on along with the latest news on NPF4.

If you want to respond to the NPF4 consultation, which is open until 31 March 2022, it can be found on the Scottish Government website here: