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Action Earth grants for voluntary environmental projects

8 October 2021

Action Earth grants for voluntary environmental projects

Environmental issues and projects are high on the agenda for many community councils and organisations, and Volunteering Matters has launched a scheme to provide financial support to green initiatives in local communities.

To help community organisations do their part to respond to the climate emergency, Volunteering Matters Action Earth is offering grants of up to £500 to support voluntary environmental projects which benefit the local community.

The grants are funded by NatureScot and any successfully funded project must be completed by 31st January 2022.

Grants of between £50 and £250 are available to run environmental projects in local green spaces, such as community gardens, wildflower meadows or tree planting. Meanwhile, larger grants of up to £500 are available to environmental initiatives which can also demonstrate a significant health impact, by working with individuals who have health or social care needs. In the case of these larger grants, 50% of the volunteers involved should have defined health issues.

Applications from areas of substantial economic deprivation will be prioritised, along with initiatives which involve young people and those with disabilities or who are at risk of exclusion. In addition, green projects which also improve the health of the local community are encouraged to apply.

In order to be eligible for an Action Earth grant, community projects must involve a minimum of 15 volunteers, and the site they are working on must be open to the general public.

You can find out more about the criteria and applications process on the Volunteering Matters website: