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The new community councils of 2021 and beyond

18 March 2020

The new community councils of 2021 and beyond

A new consultation document on the future of community councils has been produced by West Lothian Joint Forum of Community Councils and they want to hear your views on it.

The document sets out a vision for Community Councils of 2021 and beyond and states that they should have local powers to decide local issues such as planning and licensing decisions and have more say in provision of grants to local organisations.  Other issues they want more powers over range from Traffic management and community hubs to local investment plans and wellbeing strategies.

There are also a list of resources identified in the document in order that community councils can take on more power and responsibilities including Revenue and Capital Budgets, Special Project Grants and access to specialist Council Officers for reports, advice and finance management.

Also covered in the document are details on how to make Community Councils more representative and democratic as well as what they would like to see happen in order to make some of their ideas a reality.

The consultation exercise is now underway and the West Lothian Joint Forum of Community Councils are seeking your views on their ideas.  They want to hear from as many Scottish Community Councils as possible.  They also plan on hosting an annual conference for community councils later this year where their proposal and views gathered will be the main focus.

To take part in the consultation: