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Community Right to Buy events

11 March 2020

Community Right to Buy events

The Scottish Government Community Land Team is holding a series of Community Rights to Buy workshop events across Scotland for anyone interested in community ownership.

Community Rights to Buy are legislative tools that enable communities to acquire land or buildings. The workshops will cover three of these tools:

Part 2 Community Right to Buy

This allows Community Bodies to apply to register an interest over land or buildings. The effect of a registration will prohibit the current owner from selling the property to anyone except the Community Body.

Part 3A Community Right to Buy Abandoned, Neglected or Detrimental Land

This provides an opportunity for Community Bodies to compulsory purchase land or buildings that are abandoned or neglected or where the use or management of the land is causing harm to the environmental wellbeing of the Community.

Part 5 Right to Buy Land to Further Sustainable Development

This provides an opportunity for Community Bodies to apply for consent to exercise a right to buy land. They may also request that a third party purchaser nominated by the Community Body purchase the land on their behalf.

The Scottish Government fully supports increasing community ownership of land in Scotland, from small community owned shops in urban centres to large estates and islands.

The events are for anyone with an interest in community ownership/acquisitions and organisations advising community groups. Landowners may also find the workshops useful.

Events are currently scheduled to take place in Edinburgh, Oban, Aberdeen, Dumfries and Falkirk and you can sign up to attend an event using their Eventbrite page.

For more information on Community Right to Buy, visit the Scottish Government website.