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Celebrate Community Councils throughout April

11 March 2020

Celebrate Community Councils throughout April

The Scottish Community Councils website wants to showcase the great work community councils do across Scotland by Celebrating CCs throughout April!

Using the hashtag #CelebrateCCs on Twitter, we will highlight some of the great projects, activities and events community councils have led on and encourage others to share their favourites: from gala days to stalled spaces; useful community resources to intergenerational get-togethers; everyday triumphs to years-in-the-making successes.

The aim of the #CelebrateCCs event is to highlight the positive impact community councils have in their areas and help community councils share their knowledge and experience of undertaking different projects. We want to raise the profile of community councils and encourage individuals and other organisations to learn more about them.

This is the third year of the #CelebrateCCs campaign. We were thrilled with the level of enthusiasm for and engagement with the campaign last year and throughout the month great examples were shared from across Scotland. Some community councils highlighted how they support community groups, network and learn from each other.  Others have been involved in improving their local environment including clean-ups and beautification projects. Many community councils shared their work around community campaigns, consultations and heritage projects.

This year we want to hear about lots of different community council work, for example:

  • Projects that are ongoing
  • Work with organisations and other local groups
  • Health and social care projects
  • Young people-focussed projects
  • Stalled spaces
  • Participatory budgeting (also known as Community Choices)
  • Community magazines and other publications

Prefer to use Facebook?

We understand that some community councils prefer to use Facebook to engage with their communities. While the Scottish Community Councils Website does not have a Facebook page, we would be happy for people to share community council achievements using the hashtag #CelebrateCCs on Facebook.

To get involved, simply post or tweet anytime throughout April about a community council and an achievement of theirs that you are proud of, and remember to include the hashtag #CelebrateCCs. You do not need to be a community councillor or post from an official community council account. If you have suggestions of what we should tweet, or you want to highlight to us your #CelebrateCCs Facebook post, and you do not have a Twitter account, send them to ScottishCCs@improvementservice.org.uk

We will be retweeting and tweeting examples from www.twitter.com/ScottishCCs. If you do not have a Twitter account you can still see tweets for the event by searching #CelebrateCCs or going here: https://twitter.com/search?src=typd&q=%23celebrateccs