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Scottish Conference of Community Councils

Saturday 10th June at 10am

Scottish Conference of Community Councils

West Lothian Joint Forum of Community Councils is hosting an online conference for all Community Councils and community councillors in Scotland at 10am on Saturday 10th June.

Community Councils are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2023, having been established in 1973. In that time local authorities have undergone a massive reorganisation from nine regions and 53 districts and three Island Councils in 1973, into 32 unitary councils in 1996. No change was made during that reform to Community Councils.

This is an invitation to join West Lothian Joint Forum and Community Councils from all over Scotland for a discussion online on how Community Councils can be part of a new system of devolved government and if a Scottish Community Councils Forum group should be established.

To register an interest in the conference, click on this survey link or email  

You can also download Blueprint for Future Community Councils which will be presented at the conference.

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