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Using Wordpress

There are currently 8 video guides to help you use Wordpress to create and manage your community council’s website. These guides are also available below as text instructions.


The videos are in a YouTube playlist. Pressing the play on the video will play the guide to setting up a Wordpress website first and then the other guides will play one after the other. Alternatively you can use the icon on the top left hand corner of the video to select which guide you would like to watch.


In the video player, there are four icons at the bottom right. These icons are used to adjust your settings. The icon furthest to the right will change the view of the video to full screen; you can leave full screen viewing by pressing Esc on your keyboard.


The second icon from the right will open a new tab where you can watch the playlist on YouTube.com.


The third icon is the video’s settings where you can change the speed or visual quality of the video.


The fourth icon allows you to turn subtitles on and off.

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