Using shared ebikes to access local services - national group in search of community partners

News story posted: 22/03/2017

CarPlus BikePlus logoCarplus Bikeplus is the national body representing shared transport in the UK. Last year its research quantified the contribution of pedal assist electric bikes (ebikes) in encouraging people from a wide range of backgrounds to start cycling and supporting new types of cycling trips (longer and hillier) for transport rather than just leisure.


Carplus Bikeplus is now looking for community partners for potential new projects offering low cost access to a fleet of shared ebikes which would support communities to increase access to amenities in a healthy and sustainable way. Pilot projects in Hebden Bridge and Creetown are currently offering ebikes either on a membership scheme or free of charge for:


  • Trips to the shops or amenities
  • Linking to public transport modes
  •  Income generation via hires and led rides for tourists
  •  A way of trying an ebike before buying one


It is particularly interested in working in areas where transport choices are limited to the car or a restricted bus service, where the choice of an ebike could provide greater flexibility. It is looking for local organisations who would be able to identify parking for a small fleet (2-10) of ebikes, carry out local promotional activities and organise safety checks and any necessary maintenance of the ebikes. The ebikes should be located to be accessible to as wide a range of people as possible (town centre is ideal, but potentially within a housing association, college or similar site).


Community Councils may be in a position to support these projects themselves where they see their remit in promoting alternative transport choices, or may be able to identify local groups which could take this forward.


Contact morag@carplus.org.uk for more information about future opportunities.


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