The story of the first #ScottishCCs Twitter Hour

News story posted: 17/11/2016

The Improvement Service’s Community Council Project hosted its very first Scottish Community Councils Hour on Twitter on 8 November 2016. Starting at 8pm, we tweeted six questions over the course of an hour, encouraging community councils on Twitter to get involved by using the hashtag #ScottishCCs.


Over the course of a very active hour, lots of advice was shared along with many examples of the fantastic work done by community councils across Scotland. Some of the main themes were local community engagement and how to create better digital engagement. We are planning to do more of these in the future and are already taking suggestions to themes that you would like to discuss.


The aim of the Scottish Community Councils Twitter Hour was to create a space where community councils could share knowledge, discuss experiences, and network, and also to raise awareness of the great work community councils do and encourage others to get involved locally.


The six questions were:


  • 8:00pm - Q1 Where are you tweeting from?
  • 8:05pm - Q2 How do you engage with your community?
  • 8:15pm - Q3 How do you work collaboratively with local businesses and other community groups?
  • 8:25pm - Q4 How do you network with other community councils?
  • 8:35pm - Q5 What is the proudest achievement of your community council?
  • 8:45pm - Q6 What does your community council have planned in coming months?


We’ve collected most of the conversation from the first Twitter hour in a Storify story, which you can download. You can also see all the content from the hashtag #ScottishCCs on Twitter.

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