Tesco Bags of Help funding continues

News story posted: 04/09/2017

Tesco Bags of Help will continue to fund local projects and will now be funded by the sale of a new Bag for Life. The scheme was originally funded by the 5p charge on single use carrier bags, but Tesco has decided that single use carrier bags will no longer be available in their stores. It has been announced, that from the 28th of August, the community funding will come from the sale of a new Bag for Life, priced at 10p and made from 94% recyclable plastic.


This funding of community projects in Scotland will still be administered by Groundworks working with greenspace scotland.


Tesco has given out 1.5 billion fewer single use bags since the introduction of the carrier bag charge, but still sells over 700 million of these each year. Removing single use carrier bags will significantly reduce the number of bags sold and will therefore help reduce litter and bags sent to landfill.


Tesco Bags of Help has already funded 780 projects in Scotland - sharing over £4 million between them. Tesco Bags of Help funds a huge variety of projects that bring benefits to the community and every two months in Scotland it awards 225 projects a share of over half a million pounds.


The scheme funds local community projects across Great Britain, with Tesco customers voting for their favourite local project by picking up a blue token at the checkout each time they shop.


If your organisation has an idea for a project that can benefit the community, then you can:


  • Apply if you’re a community group, school, charity, local authority or a “not for profit”
  • Apply anytime for projects that bring benefits to the community
  • Apply for capital and revenue funding between £1000 and £4000


You can get help to apply from one of the Tesco Bags of Help team of Community Enablers at http://bit.ly/scotbagsofhelp


Do you need funding for a project that benefits the community? Apply online at http://bit.ly/bagsofhelp4


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