Join our Democracy Matters Twitter Hour on 18th September 2018

News story posted: 14/08/2018

Scottish Community Councils Twitter Hour on 18 September 2018We are hosting a Scottish Community Councils Hour on Twitter on 18th September 2018 to contribute to the Democracy Matters conversation. Starting at 8pm, we will tweet questions over the course of an hour, encouraging community councils on Twitter to get involved by tweeting using the hashtag #ScottishCCs.


The Scottish Community Councils website, which is managed by Improvement Service and supported with funding by Scottish Government, is a resource to support both experienced community councillors and people looking to learn more about community councils, through news, funding opportunities, events, and other relevant information and guidance.


The Democracy Matters conversation is a joint venture between the Scottish Government, COSLA and the community sector and will run until November 2018. The conversation will identify new legal rights for communities which would place them at the heart of decision-making. For more information about Democracy Matters, please visit: https://beta.gov.scot/policies/improving-public-services/local-governance-review/


Scottish Community Councils Hours aim to create a space where community councils can share knowledge, discuss experiences, and network, and also to raise awareness of the great work community councils do and encourage others to get involved locally.


We will tweet questions over the course of the hour and you can answer as an individual or on behalf of your community council, whichever you prefer. The questions have been taken from the Scottish Government document Democracy Matters - Your Community. Your Ideas. Your Future: http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2018/05/6780.


After the online event we will collate the responses from the evening and submit these as part of the official Democracy Matters conversation.


To give you time to prepare, the times and questions for Scottish Community Councils Hour are listed below. Remember to include an A for answer and the number of the question that you’re answering (e.g. A3: We’d like to… or A6: We could do…) and #ScottishCCs in your answer. The Twitter event aims to be a live and interactive session so please do not tweet your answers before the questions have been tweeted on 18th September. If you can’t attend at that time, we’d still be happy to receive your answers following the event as replies to our tweets.


  • 8:00pm - Introduce yourself, where are you tweeting from?
  • 8.05pm - Q1 Tell us about your experiences of getting involved in decision-making process that affect your local community.
  • 8.15pm - Q2 Would you like your local community or community of interest to have more control over decisions? If yes, what sort of issues would those decisions cover?
  • 8.25pm - Q3 When thinking about decision-making, ‘local’ could mean a large town, a village, or a neighbourhood. What does ‘local’ mean to you and your community?
  • 8.35pm - Q4 Are there existing forms of local level decision-making which could play a part in exercising new local powers?
  • 8.45pm - Are there new forms of local decision-making that could work well? What kinds of changes might be needed for this to work in practice?
  • 8.55pm - Q5 Do you have any other comments, ideas or questions?


Please remember to use #ScottishCCs in the tweets to help others follow the conversations.


We have previously hosted two Scottish Community Councils Hours, one in November 2016 and the other in March 2017. We also ran a campaign in April 2018 that encouraged community councils to share their achievements using the hashtag #CelebrateCCs. Read about the Twitter Hours and the #CelebrateCCs campaign below:



We understand that not all community councils use Twitter. We use Twitter for this kind of online event because anyone can view the conversations without needing to log in, meaning it is an open and transparent space. The chronological order of Twitter also means that we are able to follow the flow of conversations throughout the Hour and interact live with people. If you would like to contribute to the conversation and do not have/do not wish to set up a Twitter account, please email your responses to info@improvementservice.org.uk to be included in our submission to Scottish Government.

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