Ideas - Community Engagement

Pollokshields Community Council

Learn how Pollokshields Community Council engaged local communities in planning and direction of their place and created Pollokshields Playhouse, a year-long experiment where the community built, curated, and ran an art and culture outdoor space in Pollokshields.



louise macdonald obe, chief executive of young scotCommunity Councils: participation pioneers engaging young people in the democratic process

Louise Macdonald, chief executive of Young Scot, shares her thoughts on why community councils are pioneers in engaging young people in the democratic process.




Bill Fraser, Chair of Pollokshields Community CouncilNot the Usual Suspects

Bill Fraser, member of Pollokshields Community Council, highlights the projects that are being undertaken in Pollokshields, from the charrette design process to a year-long stalled space, that are widening community engagement and creating a stronger sense of place.



#Scottish CCs Twitter Hour: Community engagement

The aim of the Scottish Community Councils Twitter Hour was to create an online shared space where community councils could share knowledge, discuss experiences, and network, and also to raise awareness of the great work community councils do and encourage others to get involved locally.



printed materials imagePrinted Material

It is important to use both traditional ways to engage as well as more digital ways. Find out more information about using printed material, such as posters or flyers, to engage with the community.





Engaging with members of the community in person can show that community councils are approachable and it can also help raise their profile. Learn more about face-to-face engagement here.




5 ways to engage the community in consultations

Here are Scalloway Community Council’s tips on how to engage the community in consultation. While these examples were used to help develop a local place plan as part of their Recreate Scalloway project, we hope you also find the information useful for more general local consultations.

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