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News story posted: 23/07/2019

Challenge Poverty Week 2019Challenge Poverty Week will run from 7th-13th October 2019 and it is an opportunity for organisations including community councils to raise their voices against poverty and show what needs to be done to tackle it across Scotland.


Challenge Poverty week is organised by the Poverty Alliance and its key messages are:


  • Challenge Poverty? Aye we can!
  • Too many people in Scotland are trapped in the grip of poverty
  • By boosting people’s incomes and reducing the cost of living we can solve poverty
  • Solving poverty is about ensuring we can all participate in a just and compassionate society


Last year 130 organisations large and small supported Challenge Poverty Week, and it’s hoped even more get behind the campaign this year.


Organisations are encouraged to set up events or take part in activities organised by others.  Activities might include a themed discussion, an open day for your organisation, writing a blog, making a video or talking to the media about the solutions to poverty.


Free Training and Resources


To help organisations support Challenge Poverty Week free resources are available such as graphics for use online and activity toolkits which provide guidance on how to get involved.


The Poverty Alliance are also offering free half-day training sessions with a focus on how to engage with local media.  The training will explore public attitudes towards poverty and share the latest research on how to build support for the solutions to tackle it.


The training will be particularly useful if organisations are planning to create any media content for Challenge Poverty Week, such as blogs, videos, info-graphics or press releases and there’s even an optional 45 minutes of entry level media and social media training.


To sign up for the free training, e-mail: frances.rayner@povertyalliance.org


If you are organising an event for Challenge Poverty Week, or you want to discuss how to go about it, email: irene.tortajada@povertyalliance.org.


Remember to let Challenge Poverty Week know about your event before 27th of September 2019.

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