Find out more about Community Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) funding

News story posted: 04/06/2018

The Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) is delivered by Local Energy Scotland and offers a range of financial support to local energy projects. The CARES funding steams offer community projects a pathway from initial ideas through to construction to being operational.


The main funding streams for new applicants are:


  • CARES Enablement Grant – Up to £25K where the value of the grant will be capped based on innovation or scheme complexity and can be used to fund feasibility for energy systems or renewable energy projects, investigation of shared ownership opportunities or work to maximise the impact from community benefit association with renewable energy projects.
  • CARES Development Loan – Up to £150K (10% interest rate) can be provided for projects with a reasonable chance of success. The loans can include a write-off facility that allows development risk to be mitigated by allowing the applicant to apply to change the loan to a grant should the project be unable progress.
  • CARES Innovation Grant – Up to £150K to either fund innovation activity or improve the viability of projects by grant funding elements of the project.


CARES funding is open to a range of applicants including community organisations, National or regional non-profit organisations with charitable aims and objectives, local authorities and housing associations and rural businesses.


There are several funding rounds from now until April 2019, please view this table for more information: https://www.localenergy.scot/funding/application-rounds/


For more information about the funding, including guidance please visit: https://www.localenergy.scot/funding/

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