In this section we are inviting guest writers from Community Councils, public and third sector organisations to share their thoughts on a topic relevant to Community Councils. The aim of the thought pieces is to provide fresh and different perspectives that might create further discussion about the role and possibilities for Community Councils. The discussion is hosted on the Scottish Community Councillors Development Network Knowledge Hub group, which you can find a link to on this page. If you have ideas for thought pieces or would like to submit your own, please email lynn.sharp@improvementservice.org.uk . All submissions are subject to review and edit.

knowledge hub
  • What is Knowledge Hub?

    Knowledge Hub, often shortened to KHub, is a free online collaborative tool which allows public sector organisations and other public associations to create groups and share knowledge and ideas through forums and libraries.

  • How to sign up

    KHub is free and easy to join. Register at  http://www.khub.net

  • General groups CCs can join

    Scottish Community Councillors Development Network is a KHub group for community councillors and people interested in Community Council work. Members of the group are encouraged to create discussions on Community Council related queries, sharing the problems and successes they have experienced in their community council with other community councillors and ask other councillors for advice. The group aims to be a place for community councillors across Scotland to network and learn from each other and for sharing news and events relevant to community councillors.

Earlier thought pieces

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  • Carpe Diem - Colin Mair, Improvement Service - Dialogue story posted: 27/01/2016
  • Community Councils: participation pioneers engaging young people in the democratic process - Louise Macdonald OBE, Young Scot - Dialogue story posted: 27/01/2016
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