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Community Council Finder

Ways to use Community Council Finder

In the top right of the map you can toggle different overlays of the map: Local Authority Areas, Community Council Boundaries, and Public Information Notices.


You can choose your local authority in the dropdown box to change the map to your local local authority area.


Use the search function in the map to search and this will zoom into the search area.


Or use the zoom function on the map to zoom into a specific area via plus or minus or by clicking on the map.


Click on a community council area to see the name of the community council and a link to contact details on the local authority’s website.


If the Community Council Finder is not working as expected or if some information appears to be incorrect, please send an email to info@improvementservice.org.uk




The Public Information Notices (PINs) in the map are delivered from www.tellmescotland.gov.uk, Scotland’s Public Information Notices Portal. Public information notices are announcements that Local Authorities are legally required to publish. There are two types of PIN. Statutory Notices give required notice of an intended action, such as road closures, construction, licensing and planning/property developments. Public Notices inform people of changes to services, such as refuse collection.


Please note: The PINs shown in the map do NOT necessarily cover all the planning, traffic and licensing information that Community Councils receive from their Local Authority. The PINs published on this map covers notices from Local Authorities using the portal (31 of the 32 Local Authorities in Scotland).


Notice Key

  Planning notices

  Licensing notices

  Traffic notices

  General notices

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