Community Council Digital Engagement Workshops’ Outputs

Free Digital Engagement Workshops for community councils and representative tenant organisations (RTO) were held in South Ayrshire, Moray, Angus, and Scottish Borders during October and November.


These events were funded by the Scottish Government as part of the work to enhance the role of community councils in collaboration with COSLA and the Improvement Service. The workshops were organised by Peter Cruickshank and Bruce Ryan of Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Social Informatics, and were led by Bruce Ryan.


The workshops allowed community councillors to network and share experiences and problems they have had with engaging with their local community via the internet. Discussed during the workshops were:


  • What are the major barriers to CC/RTO digital engagement?
  • How can CCs/RTOs best use the internet?
  • Topics suggested by delegates


Outputs from the four events, including the main points of discussion, links to videos of presentations, and regional funding resources can be downloaded and found on Scottish Community Councillors Online KHub group. A report of the events, including conclusions on the discussions, will be published in the future.


Speakers at the events were:


  • Community councillors discussing how their community council successfully use digital engagement
  • Improvement Service highlighting the uses of Community Councillors Development Network KHub group and the redesigning of this Community Councils website
  • Scottish Government explaining different parts of Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, and
  • Democratic Society showcasing different tools community councils could use to encourage community digital participation.


All the outputs can be accessed from this document: Digital Engagement Workshops Outputs List


To access most of the content please log in to or sign up to KHub and join Scottish Community Councillors Online group


These digital engagement workshops are a continuation from a workshop that took place at Edinburgh Napier University in January 2015 for community councillors. Further information on this event can be found at the links below:


Blog post: http://bruceryan.info/2015/02/04/digital-engagement-workshop-for-community-councillors-30-january-2015/

Audio and video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0N2FYL2Ljb4oS49pyyqHQ

Outcomes report: https://brucemartinryan.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/digicc-day-outcomes-report.pdf

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