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News story posted: 12/04/2017

charter for trees, woods and peopleThis year more than 70 organisations, including the Woodland Trust, have partnered to help launch a new Charter for Trees, Woods and People on November 6th 2017. The new Tree Charter will set out how our local communities and trees can best benefit one another. It will serve as a resource which community councils can use in support of their efforts to look after the trees in their area.


To get involved with the Tree Charter, your community council can become a Charter Branch. Becoming a Charter Branch is completely free and will in no way effect the autonomy of your council. Your level of involvement is up to you and may range from simply signing up to receive free copies of the Charter's newspaper “Leaf!” to helping gather signatures of support, to more imaginative projects and activities around trees.


Additionally, we will be here for any help or advice your council may need regarding trees and you will have the chance to contribute your voice to the ongoing development of the Tree Charter.


Register your Community Council as a Charter Branch

(simply add your community council's name and details to the boxes on the right-hand side of the webpage)


Find out more about Charter Branches, by visiting the

Local Councils: Becoming a Charter Branch blog


Find out more about the Tree Charter


If you have any inquiries or problems, or wish for guidance on how to get your community council involved with the Tree Charter, please contact: joseph.palasz@nalc.gov.uk

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